Cody Pallo


Drama Circuit

Embark on 'Drama Circuit,' delving into open-source hardware design, revealing unbridled imagination unfettered by mass appeal. This book offers a glimpse into a realm where creativity blossoms without the confines of catering to the masses.



Personal Computers

My PCs redefine form with captivating style, revolutionizing traditional design. They stand as pioneering innovations, setting a new industry benchmark. Unique exteriors transcend norms, embodying tech's future


Catering to unconventional users, my peripherals blend creativity with functionality. Embracing unique aesthetics, they empower innovative applications while making a striking statement. Perfect for those valuing both form and inventive use.


I see digital experiences as versatile, meant to be enjoyed in myriad ways. My approach is to reimagine devices, unveiling fresh perspectives and untapped potentials. Let's shed new light on technology's possibilities.