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My creative approach is to juxtapose logic with nonsense in order to simultaneously guide and confuse the viewer experiencing the work. This kind of mystery writing encourages people to attempt to decipher what they may perceive as a primary message or moral intention by the author. Although with most art, viewers determine their own meaning, I add a little extra guidance. Think of it as a classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, only for what has been traditionally reserved for Fine Art.

I lead viewers along a visual path with Authorial Design (a mix of Illustration and Graphic Design) and listeners along an auditory path with Musique Concrete (a mix of Sound Effects and Music.) Through the use of Semiotics (the study of Symbols) I place a metaphorical fork in the middle of the critical thinking process. By using Interactive elements, line of sight, and/or attention to acoustics, the viewer chooses which route to travel and forms their own conceptual adventures along the way. My intention is for these experiences to be less about the destination and more about a journey of the senses.

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Cody Pallo




I spend my time exploring creative ways to use New Media. I typically take my interests and passions and transform them into portions of my career.  My goals for my adult life after High School were to work at a large Arts Publisher and well known Branding Agency (which I've done.) My current 1-10 year goals are to publish a few books and records on my own and possibly show my work in exhibiton spaces. My larger life dreams now include, having my work printed by an Arts and/or Music Publisher and exhibiting in a Art and/or Design Museum someday (physical or virtual.) Here's an abbreviated timeline of my past to current progress.


From 1989 - 1995: At the age of 12, I created a Beverage Business called "The Oasis" and was the youngest business-person in the state of California for doing so. In High School, I published three albums on a Punk Record Label I created called "Loquacity." After High School, I transformed this interest into a professional Jazz Label called "Arcane."

From 1995 - 2005: I created music poster designs for Indy Rock Bands under the name "Mr. O" and made intricate fine art under the name "Tiny Being."

From 2005 - 2010, I released my own Chiptunes EP (mini CD) called “Mixing Numbers - Plastic Sushi” and created an Online Nonsense Novelty Toy Company called "Utopian Key" with two products, a Lettuce Scented Candle and set of Pinback Buttons made from obscure found graphics.

From 2010 - 2013: Among a whole host of past attempted arts related start-up ideas, my most successful was a Digital Publishing Company called "Rubber Acorn." For this business, I published a Digital Magazine called “Experimental Digital Publishing" in the Apple Newsstand. The magazine caught the attention of the past Media Director at the "Whitney Musuem" in New York and the Publishing Department of the "Getty Museum" in Los Angeles. I was later invited to interview for a Digital Publishing Development role at the Getty because of the experience I gained from this endeavor.

From 2014 - 2019: I explored Video Game Design with a project called “Ringin’ Jinkies” and began writing about XR (Cross Reality) Product Concepts under a publication I created called "Sugar Vision."

From 2020 - Present: I have a creative project network titled "NON-YAWN-A-THON." My mascot is a little red snail in a yellow burst. For more information tap the NON-YAWN-A-THON snail emblem in the footer section below or on the homepage.


From 1995 - 2000: After Hight School, I worked at a Library, a Coffee Shop, and at an Independent News Weekly called "The Santa Barbara Independent" in Santa Barbara, CA.

From 1998 - 2010: I worked in two Contemporary Art Galleries in SB and SF, studied Media Art at Santa Barbara City College and Fine Art at Art Center College of Design in LA. I also exhibited my work in galleries, as well as sold to collectors.

From 2008 - 2018: I became an Interactive Designer at "Gershoni Creative Agency" in SF, a Lead Front-end Developer at "Reason Media Group" in LA, a Senior UX Developer at "Dwell Magazine" in SF, a Senior Creative Technologist at "Character" in SF and an XR Product Designer for a number of startups in SF and LA.

From 2000 - Present: I'm currently only working on the "NON-YAWN-A-THON" projects mentioned above. Prior to this I was a Creative Technology Consultant in Web and XR Development.


For more information on current projects tap the NON-YAWN-A-THON snail emblem in the footer below or on the homepage. Tap the Behance link below for more information on some of the past projects I have created.


2009 - 2010: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Fine Art
1995 - 2006: Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA, Media Art

Group Exhibitions

2001: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
2000: Una Fiesta Del Arte, Perch, Santa Barbara, CA
2000: Caffeinated, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
2000: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA


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Copyright © 2020 Cody Pallo, all rights reserved.