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Cody Pallo is an Immersive Experience Designer known for embracing a multidisciplinary and versatile approach in his craft. He holds the belief that concepts can blossom from paradoxes, giving birth to creative endeavors that blend the realms of the absurd and the utilitarian.


1995 - 2000: Fresh out of high school, I embarked on a journey that saw me working at a library, a coffee shop, and contributing to the independent news weekly "The Santa Barbara Independent" in Santa Barbara, CA.

1998 - 2010: This period marked my involvement in two contemporary art galleries in SB and SF. My educational pursuits led me to study Media Art at Santa Barbara City College and Fine Art at Art Center College of Design in LA. Simultaneously, I showcased my artwork in galleries and connected with collectors.

2008 - 2018: My journey as a Creative Technologist began in the 90s and evolved through the 00s. I held roles as an Interactive Designer at "Gershoni Creative Agency" in SF, a Lead Front-end Developer at "Reason Media Group" in LA, and a Senior UX Developer at "Dwell Magazine" in SF. Further, I thrived as a Senior Creative Technologist at "Character" in SF, and contributed as an XR Product Designer for multiple startups in SF and LA.

2019 - 2024: Over these five years, I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to refining the skills necessary for crafting Immersive Experience Designs and have consulted in XR Product Design along the way. It's time for a new exciting path ahead


  • 2009 - 2010: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Fine Art
  • 1995 - 2006: Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA, Media Art

Group Exhibitions

  • 2000: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2000: Una Fiesta Del Arte, Perch, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 2000: Caffeinated, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA
  • 1999: Focused on the Forum, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA


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  • Beautiful/Decay, "Tiny Being - The Existential Work of Cody Pallo", 01/07/2010
  • The Independent, Duncan Wright, "CAF up Late", 05/18/2000


  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, Principle, Logic Pro X, Unity, Cinema 4D, Blender, Substance 3D, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, A-Frame, Three.js, ReactVR, Unix Command Line, Gulp/ Grunt, Twig, Middleman, Git, SVN, Agile Software Development, SCRUM, Jira, Grav, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Pligg, Kirby, Epub, Atom, Xcode


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