Cody Pallo


Toggle Button: Express Yourself with Emojis in Real-Time!

March 16, 2019
By: Cody Pallo

The Toggle Button is not your ordinary pinback button - it's a 3" round pinback button with a vibrant full-color digital display. Paired with your iPhone through our intuitive app, you have the power to pick and change emojis displayed on the button to match your mood effortlessly.

Customize Your Emojis: With the Toggle Button app, you can select from a wide array of emojis to express your feelings and emotions. Whether you're feeling happy, excited, or even a little cheeky, simply type in the emoji of your choice, and your button will instantly reflect your current state of mind.

Versatile Placement: Place the Toggle Button wherever you like - whether it's on your favorite shirt, backpack, or jacket, it features a regular pinback pin that securely attaches to fabric. Additionally, it comes with a replaceable magnet back for metal surfaces, allowing you to switch locations as you please.

On-The-Go Companion: The Toggle Button is your perfect travel companion. Easily charge it via USB, and once fully powered, take it with you wherever you go. It's portable, lightweight, and designed to accompany you on all your adventures.

Share Your Mood in Real-Time: Connect with friends and loved ones through the Toggle Button's unique feature. Share the current emoji displayed on your button online, providing a fun and interactive way to communicate your mood in real-time. Use it as a conversation starter or subtly signal when you need some space.

A Visual Language: Unlike traditional social media platforms, the Toggle Button is all about visual expression. With just one graphic - your chosen emoji - you can convey your emotions instantly without any words. It's the perfect way to cut through the noise and communicate authentically.

Future-Ready Communication: As technology evolves, so does the Toggle Button's capabilities. In the future, users may choose to share their status above their virtual avatar or physical self, offering a whole new dimension of expression for those with AR/VR access.

Unleash the power of emojis with the Toggle Button and let your feelings shine through in a fun and interactive way. Experience a whole new level of self-expression and stay connected with your friends like never before. Get your Toggle Button today and start expressing yourself in a whole new language - the language of emojis!