Cody Pallo


Thinkithing v2.0: Where Communication Meets Art and AI in a Transformative Experience

November 18, 2021
By: Cody Pallo

Step into a world where communication becomes an art form. Meet Thinkithing, the revolutionary interactive comic book meets media-based data visualization interface that will transform the way you connect and share ideas with others. Powered by advanced AI, Thinkithing enables efficient knowledge transfer, making complex concepts and discussions a breeze.

Imagine a dynamic visual experience where symbolism and multimedia augment your spoken words, bringing your ideas to life. With Thinkithing, you and your conversation partner engage in a shared narrative, with both of you playing active roles within the comic frames. The interface appears in 2D or 3D space, allowing for a seamless and immersive interaction.

The AI is the maestro behind the scenes, organizing information in real-time, and presenting it to both users in a compartmentalized and framed manner. The conversation flows like a storyboard, capturing the changes in topics as they occur. You can edit and swipe through frames, creating a personalized and interactive conversation experience.

For instance, imagine discussing the fascinating Harpo Marx. The AI recognizes the topic and reveals a 2D comic frame featuring Harpo himself. You can interact with the AI-version of Harpo, asking questions about his life and career, and he'll respond animatedly, adding a delightful touch to your conversation.

Thinkithing embraces a left-to-right array of frames for the topics discussed, with branching possibilities for non-linear discussions. You can cut, copy, and paste frames or media elements, placing them inside or outside the comic interface. The AI seamlessly meshes related elements, presenting video clips or illustrations based on the context.

Nouns and verbs take on a whole new dimension in Thinkithing. Instead of mere words in voice bubbles, you can opt to place them in interactive containers. Create unique combinations by attaching objects to convey interrelated points. For instance, place a noun next to a verb illustration, or demonstrate a honking sound yourself to illustrate a specific point.

Thinkithing empowers you to drill down into topics, identify knowledge gaps, and present a clearer understanding. This interactive experience fosters stronger bonds and enhances your collective intelligence, making every conversation a transformative learning opportunity.

Embrace the future of communication with Thinkithing—a world where art, multimedia, and AI converge to revolutionize the way we interact, share ideas, and grow together. Elevate your conversations and explore new dimensions of knowledge with this game-changing platform. Discover the limitless possibilities of Thinkithing and become part of a smarter, more connected future.