Cody Pallo


Thinkithing: The Revolutionary VR Creative Tool for Efficient Collaboration and Ideation

March 15, 2018
By: Cody Pallo

Say goodbye to wasteful, time-consuming miscommunication in meetings and welcome Thinkithing, an innovative VR application that redefines how we collaborate and share valuable insights. Traditional non-assisted ideation methods pale in comparison to the dynamic and efficient experience offered by Thinkithing in the realm of Virtual Reality.

Imagine a world where you never lose track of important moments in conversations, whether they be philosophical discussions, introductions to new people, debates, or brainstorming ideas for products. With Thinkithing, missed opportunities become a thing of the past, as this cutting-edge tool enables visual conversation traversal via a version control-like interface within Virtual Reality.

Thinkithing leverages the concept of version control, a unique approach to saving computer files, represented through a tree structure and timeline analogy. In this case, the tree structure is a hierarchy of interconnected rooms, and the timeline represents a series of committed saves of objects created by users within these rooms.

Visual objects created in Thinkithing can take various forms, from 3D models and images to sounds and text. Just like using gifs or emojis to express concepts in text messages, these visual objects represent critical moments in a conversation or saved "nodes." Editing tools allow users to adapt objects, creating new nodes on the timeline when changes are saved.

For instance, users can add a hat to an emoji or apply other modifications, generating additional nodes on the timeline. A vast array of creative tools, such as cameras, scale tools, and sound consoles, enhances the conversational expression within the virtual environment.

Nodes are elegantly visualized on a timeline dashboard, individually assigned to each user. Users can even switch between each other's timelines, fostering collaboration and allowing individual perspectives to shine. Furthermore, each committed save is accompanied by an audio waveform, capturing freeform discussions related to that specific point in time. Audio can be manipulated, annotated, or even deleted, enabling comprehensive and immersive discussion tracking.

Rooms serve as the creative canvas, similar to whiteboards, where users express and diverge their thoughts. These 3D scalable isometric boxes, arranged in a tree-like connected structure, symbolize thought tangents or branches in version control. Each room represents a point in the conversation where it diverges, facilitating comprehensive discussions and idea exploration.

Thinkithing is not your typical chat application; it is a powerful non-linear VR creative tool designed for those who value quality communication. This extraordinary application allows for conversation-based time and space travel, offering the ability to revisit discussions or spatially explore them, much like examining ancient cave paintings.

Collaborations within Thinkithing have no defined endpoint and can evolve over an extended period, providing an efficient way to document and reference ideas over time. Moreover, the potential applications extend beyond ideation, offering therapeutic uses like group therapy or assisting therapists in understanding their patients better.

By addressing the issue of inefficient conversation choices among qualified stakeholders, Thinkithing transforms the concept of meetings, maximizing productivity and creativity. Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, the experience is fluid and enjoyable, making it a transformative tool for intelligent collaboration. One day, AI may even serve as an intellectual contributor or referee within the conversation itself.

Embrace the Future of Collaboration with Thinkithing:

Join the Thinkithing revolution and unlock a new dimension of collaboration and ideation with Virtual Reality. Experience the seamless interaction and unprecedented insights that come with Thinkithing's unique version control-like interface. Elevate your communication, make the most of your time, and explore the limitless possibilities of creative expression with Thinkithing.