Cody Pallo


Sister Golden Hair


"Sister Golden Hair" is a mixed media creation comprising more than eight thousand price tags, each carefully colored and imprinted with its corresponding Prismacolor code. I first connected with the individual depicted in this portrait on a social network back in 2003. The inspiration behind this piece stemmed from my belief that this emerging concept of social media resembled a process of marketing oneself as a commodity rather than as a genuine human being. While art itself can be a form of self-expression, it too often seems to blur the line between personal identity and commercialization. This artwork serves as a peculiar juxtaposition of two unconventional notions: the essence of the soul and the allure of monetary value. Personally, "Sister Golden Hair" leaves me with a sense of disquiet, which may very well be the intended effect.


Price tags, ink, paint, wood, and steel 


Height: 6'
Width: 4'


Copyright © 2004 Cody Pallo


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