Cody Pallo


Cody Pallo is an Multifaceted; Technologist, Designer, Musician and Artist. He holds the belief that concepts can emerge from paradoxes, giving birth to great ideas that blend the absurd and the utilitarian.


Contemporary Works

The Center of the Universe

March 2, 2010

Description "The Center of the Universe" explores the concept of focusing attention on a subject, often highlighting its importance. However, in this piece, the focus shifts to attention itself, devoid of any inherent significance. Grocery bag, ink Height: 10" Width: 8" Copyright © 2010 Cody Pallo 10



Business, Personal, Client

Sugar Vision

January 30, 2017


Sugar Vision was conceived as a creative agency and product development company. This project merged my passion for publishing, art, AR,VR, and MR.


Copyright © 2024 Cody Pallo



Product Designs

Apel & Banini

January 18, 2024

Apel & Banini makes creative digital tools to be used for collaboration in your own, private “extranet.” It has a broad range of applications for teams including live performances, problem solving, ideation, gaming, education, and more. One may curate, create, and consume most any interactive digital media on flat screens or XR headsets.



Concepts and Images

Embarking into the Virtual Cosmos: Exploring the Future of Internet Worlds

May 7, 2024

In the foreseeable future, the internet will metamorphose into a sprawling cosmos of interconnected virtual planets, each hosting vibrant digital cities nestled within virtual solar systems crafted from contemporary information taxonomies. These digital landscapes will serve as hubs for diverse activities, ranging from communal discussions on niche topics to bustling…