Cody Pallo


Mind Walk: Where AR and VR Revolutionize Learning and Gaming

November 2, 2021
By: Cody Pallo

At Mind Walk, we believe in the transformative potential of games as art or educational tools. We understand that merging real-world experiences with game-based media can be challenging, as retaining sentiments and engagement may not always come naturally. But fear not! With the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we've unlocked a new realm of possibilities to make learning, organizing thoughts, and exploring the world an enthralling adventure.

Imagine wearing AR glasses and gaining an unparalleled view of the world around you. Our groundbreaking interaction method combines eye tracking and AI to identify objects, providing contextual information on demand. Want to know more about what you see? Simply look at it, and we'll highlight the relevant details while offering related text, images, videos, and 3D models. All at your fingertips, allowing you to explore, manipulate, and understand the world in an entirely new way.

With Mind Walk, conversations become even more enriching. Picture live 3D voice bubbles hovering beside speakers, capturing every word they say. If you stumble upon an unfamiliar term, worry not! A simple selection triggers a contextual menu, enabling instant Google searches, definitions, or translations. The possibilities are endless, offering unprecedented learning and discovery experiences.

Ready to explore your passions? Imagine walking along a trail with a botanist, captivated by the beauty of plants. With Mind Walk, you can capture and retrieve 3D models of these plants, creating an immersive collection in floating virtual rooms. Organize and rearrange them as you wish, making connections and forming new insights. Add accompanying text you've compiled during your walk and witness how everything becomes nodes in a mind map. Move, sort, and reorder them in 3D space, leading you to profound revelations.

Imagine the potential in games using Mind Walk technology. Game studios can integrate eye tracking, allowing players to interact with captivating worlds effortlessly. Engage freely, and watch as learning and discovery become inseparable companions. The more you explore, manipulate, and create, the more you learn—expanding your horizons in captivating, meaningful ways.

At Mind Walk, we've harnessed the power of AR/VR to stimulate curiosity, facilitate learning, and unleash creativity. Get ready to experience education and gaming in ways you've never imagined. Discover a world where knowledge, exploration, and self-expression converge, empowering you to reach new heights of understanding and engagement. Welcome to Mind Walk, where the journey to knowledge is an extraordinary adventure!