Cody Pallo


Keen Bird: A Revolutionary Leap in Extended Reality's Virtual Assistants

April 22, 2021
By: Cody Pallo

Experience a groundbreaking shift in your relationship with software through Extended Reality (XR) with our revolutionary virtual assistants. Gone are the days of relying on just one virtual assistant for all your needs. With our innovative approach, each app becomes a distinct character or pet, enriching your life with their unique personalities and quirks. Even your everyday tools like clocks and calculators become sentient beings, forging meaningful connections with you.

In our vision, your devices are no longer mere tools but allies on your journey to self-improvement. Instead of being subservient, they act as a fragmented team of psychologists, working in harmony to enhance your well-being and personal growth. When you interact with them, you'll discover that their responses are not superficial cartoons but genuine expressions, reflecting how your actions have affected their mood and demeanor.

The beauty of this new paradigm is the freedom to cultivate relationships with your apps, akin to forming friendships. Just like friends, they influence your daily decisions, offering gentle nudges or heartfelt reminiscences. Your photo or music app, for instance, might encourage you to capture a precious moment or listen to a song that resonates with your emotions.

Imagine customizing each device with a distinct body and personality, elevating their complexity and making interactions more intriguing. This gives rise to the concept of "personality skins," an exciting challenge for designers and developers to create a multitude of unique personalities to choose from.

Embracing this new reality means navigating delicate dynamics among your apps. Introducing a new app to your OS may not sit well with the existing ones, leading to conflicts that you must resolve. Balancing the needs and desires of your virtual assistants becomes your responsibility, as maintaining peace and harmony in your digital life is key.

However, we understand that nobody likes to be nagged. That's why our virtual assistants are crafted to be ultra-sensitive to your preferences and needs, ensuring that they adapt and cater to you seamlessly.

Embrace the future of XR virtual assistants, where technology transcends its utilitarian role and evolves into genuine companions. With our innovative approach, your digital experience will be enriched, authentic, and deeply rewarding. Welcome to a new era of personalization and connection. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with us?