Cody Pallo


Bubbles: Augmented Reality Polling for Smart Glasses

March 16, 2018
By: Cody Pallo

Bubbles is an innovative and interactive augmented reality polling application specially designed for use with smart glasses. With Bubbles, users can create intriguing questions with predetermined answers and place them anywhere in the real world as small AR bubbles. Whether it's hovering above a vegan option at a restaurant or floating near the entrance of an iconic landmark, Bubbles brings an entirely new dimension to how we interact with our surroundings.

Using augmented reality glasses, when a user gazes at one of these AR bubbles, a convenient tooltip appears, displaying the number of answers received for the question. With a simple gesture or voice command, the bubble expands, providing a detailed view of the question and the opinions shared by the community. Users can participate by adding their own answer or modifying their existing response, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.


  • Time-Limited Responses: Each user's answer has a visible lifespan of one week unless they choose to refresh their response at the location or remotely through the interactive map feature. This time-limited approach ensures that the AR bubbles' visualization stays relevant and continuously evolves, reflecting the changing opinions of the community in the augmented world.
  • Infographic Indexing: All the collected information is skillfully indexed, and interactive infographics are presented via a dedicated AR interface. Users can explore geolocated opinions from the past, presented in an intuitive timeline and graph format. Whether it's finding the best vegan sandwich in the world or pinpointing views based on specific locations, Bubbles makes information discovery seamless and captivating in the augmented realm.
  • Trending Opinions: Stay up-to-date with the world's most significant questions through the Trending Opinions AR feed. Explore the latest buzzworthy topics and gain insights from a collective pool of opinions shared by users worldwide.

Embrace the Power of Augmented Reality with Bubbles:

Bubbles opens up a new realm of possibilities by merging the real world with digital interactions. Experience the magic of augmented reality as you engage with thought-provoking questions and contribute to a community-driven platform for knowledge sharing and exploration. From discovering hidden gems in your city to uncovering global trends, Bubbles redefines how we perceive and interact with our environment and each other.

Unlock the potential of augmented reality glasses and immerse yourself in a world of interconnected opinions and limitless possibilities. Join the Bubbles community today and witness a transformative way to experience the world around you. Get ready to explore, engage, and make your voice heard with Bubbles – the ultimate augmented reality polling experience for smart glasses.