Cody Pallo


ArtAcclaim: The Ultimate Social Game for Contemporary Fine Art Enthusiasts

March 16, 2018
By: Cody Pallo

ArtAcclaim is an innovative social game that revolutionizes the world of contemporary fine art, embracing the digital age and envisioning a future where digital art becomes an extension of one's self-image, akin to fashion, homes, or cars. With a dynamic marketplace and a captivating ecosystem, ArtAcclaim brings together four categories of users, creating an immersive experience for patrons, artists, collectors, and galleries alike.

Meet the Diverse Users:

  • Patrons: Welcome to ArtAcclaim, where art enthusiasts and everyday visitors can immerse themselves in a world of creativity and inspiration.
  • Artists: Embrace your creativity and showcase your original digital 2D or 3D visuals, sound, and videos on ArtAcclaim's platform. Set your art's initial price using a fictional point system, with each point equivalent to coins or cryptocurrency.
  • Collectors: Discover and acquire exceptional artworks from artists across the globe, investing in pieces that resonate with you. Purchase or sell art to any other user in the ArtAcclaim community.
  • Gallery: Become a curator of artistic expression by exhibiting the works of talented artists in your own XR "Gallery." Earn commissions as you facilitate art sales and appreciation.

ArtAcclaim Site: A Thriving Marketplace:

  • Meditator: Enter the serene realm of the Meditator, where art lovers can immerse themselves in contemplative and immersive art experiences.
  • Auction House: Engage in exhilarating art auctions, hosted on ArtAcclaim, where artists can sell their acclaimed masterpieces to the highest bidder, with the platform taking a small commission.
  • Museum: The crème de la crème of acclaimed art finds a home in the XR Museum, showcasing the most celebrated works curated by ArtAcclaim's expert curators.

Unveiling the Rules of the Game:

Only "Artists" can upload their original artworks, setting their initial prices in coins or cryptocurrency. Each artwork upload incurs a nominal cost in coins, reinforcing the importance of ownership and originality.

Artists can trade their art in multiple ways: through their own XR "Gallery," within someone else's XR "Gallery" (with the seller taking a share of the sale), or through exciting auctions based on an artist's acquired "Acclaim."

"Acclaim" acts as a measure of an artist's notoriety, garnered through "likes" received for their artworks and galleries. Notoriety directly influences an artwork's value and its chances of inclusion in the prestigious XR Museum.

As artworks change hands, their values can soar, allowing artists to earn more coins from their sales. However, artists won't receive profits from sales of art they no longer own, encouraging strategic decisions in the art market.

Artists have the opportunity to reclaim their sold works and re-enter the market, capitalizing on their growing notoriety. Users can also choose to hide artworks they own, ensuring their artistic vision remains exclusive.

Transcendent Ownership:

ArtAcclaim utilizes cutting-edge watermarking technology and machine learning to ensure each artwork uploaded is one-of-a-kind and adheres to the platform's terms. The AI system analyzes artworks to prevent copyright violations and replicate famous existing works.

Join ArtAcclaim and Be Part of the Creative Revolution:

ArtAcclaim provides a thrilling and innovative social game, seamlessly blending the world of contemporary fine art with the boundless possibilities of the digital era. Become a patron, artist, collector, or gallery, and embark on a journey of artistic discovery, acclaim, and appreciation. Elevate your perception of art and be at the forefront of the future's digital art movement with ArtAcclaim.