Cody Pallo


Angelfish: A Futuristic Vision of Interactive Avatar Technology!

August 9, 2018
By: Cody Pallo

Step into the future with Angelfish, a concept that pushes the boundaries of emerging technology and immersive experiences. While some of these ideas may not be immediately feasible, Angelfish represents a thrilling glimpse into the potential of the digital realm.

Tiny All-Terrain Flying Robots: Picture a fleet of miniature flying robots, no larger than beetles, equipped with cutting-edge features. These robots are powered, charged, and released on demand. Equipped with real-time 360 photogrammetry cameras, microphones, speakers, and versatile drone propellers and legs, they are ready to take on a multitude of tasks.

The Facilitator, Host, and Guest: These all-terrain robots serve as hosts when visitors arrive. Wearing Augmented Reality glasses like the Hololens or the Magic Leap Creator, the robots transform into holographic moving full-body avatars of the guests, creating an awe-inspiring virtual presence.

Immersive VR Interaction: To make this magic happen, guests don full-body Virtual Reality motion capture suits integrated with facial recognition in the VR headset. The robots scan the room, producing a dynamic 3D model that evolves with each pass. This captivating representation is then broadcast to the guest's VR headset, allowing them to explore the physical environment from a digital perspective. With intuitive hand controls, guests can fly the robots, walk on land, glide on water surfaces, or swim underwater, expanding the boundaries of their virtual presence.

Unifying Reality and Virtuality: The true marvel of Angelfish lies in its seamless integration of physical and virtual worlds. Both guests and participants in Augmented Reality can see each other simultaneously. Whether at a special event or casually hanging out with friends, multiple avatars can converge, transforming the experience into a captivating and immersive gathering.

Fluid Avatars: In the realm of Angelfish, avatars are dynamic and ever-changing. Guests have the freedom to metamorphose from one form to another at will. One moment, they might embody the graceful Tinkerbell, fluttering through the air, and the next, they could be a mesmerizing mermaid gliding through a fish tank. The possibilities are as vast as the imagination.

The Not-So-Distant Future: While the complete realization of Angelfish may not be immediately achievable, the foundation for this innovative concept is within reach. With dedicated efforts and the right resources, building a prototype is conceivable in the near future. This exciting prospect calls out to those who dare to embark on a journey of cutting-edge technology.

Embrace the Vision: Dare to dream and envision the world of Angelfish—a future where the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur, and interactive avatars weave together unforgettable experiences. The possibilities are endless, and the allure of this futuristic landscape beckons those willing to venture into the uncharted territory of immersive technologies.

Angelfish awaits—venture forth and make your mark on the frontiers of emerging technology. If you feel inspired to take on this extraordinary endeavor, remember that support and assistance are readily available for those who seek it. Embrace the challenge and turn this thrilling concept into a reality, one step at a time. The future of interactive avatars beckons—will you rise to the occasion?