Cody Pallo


Supernalis - The Global Operating System

March 10, 2017
By Cody Pallo

This solution has been partially realized by Google, after this article was published, and was revealed at Google I/O in 2022. I was not part of this team.

There are some challenges with non-game immersive computing. The primary one is fitting services under the umbrella of an operating system. Some services might include; complex networked communication, creative applications and the distribution of creative assets, how history is recorded and experienced for future generations or just in retrospect of a recent moment.

I believe that engaging with immersive computing will solve these challenges by utilizing a simulation of the earth as the foundation for these applications. I call this concept “Supernalis” or above all.

Here are some possible Supernalis services that an earth-like OS might provide to 3rd party app development.


For history, up to the moment panning through time is crucial. Possibly index or even store specific time-based data with a service not just in 3rd party applications.

Creative asset placement

Placing still and animated 3d objects in the streets and sky for people to see in VR and also in AR compliment applications for phones. For example, seeing fireworks on the Fourth of July or placing flowers on the streets, this would hopefully be on a per-application basis.

Archive format & storage solution

Hold traditional file formats like images text etc. under a new more complex file format. Storage and file system for keeping 3D archives for future use.

AI for file retrieval and assistant features

Search files and get help with common tasks.


Web XR, the equivalent to a spatial web. Place webXR links to verified businesses or possibly verified home addresses or place geolocated 3D archives within a social network.

Web payments

Enter live events that businesses throw on their verified sites or to buy 3D archives that one can save and redistribute later.

Mini apps, such as those used on mobile phones

Mini Apps could be in the form of something like a depth based widget type desktop for things like a calculator, a camera, phone, etc.

Current global geolocation and relative avatar

For social networking and communication in a metaverse type setting.

Some of these services are covered in more detail in my other articles.

I hope to see great ideas come from this.