Cody Pallo


Eospaces - Spatial XR Web Browser

April 22, 2017
By Cody Pallo

This solution has been partially realized by Meta, after this article was published, and was revealed at Oculus Connect in late 2017. I was not part of this team.

Eospaces is an XR web browser designed to be shared with friends and used as a form of personal expression.

To begin, let’s imagine that we had a virtual blank slate or white cube. One that we could decorate with anything we wanted. We could scan our own room, for example, and place it in this space or be totally unreal and imaginative with it. Say we could invite friends over to chat or could pick between different versions of our virtual space by pressing a button. Say we could share individual rooms with various friends, even when we’re not there or with groups via a community room or gallery.

In our space are objects, for example, objects that form a decorative theme, like flowers and trees or interactive things like musical toys, instruments, or books (bookmarks) that open to display flat websites on a big screen or show info in unique ways. It could have paintings and sculptures that could be bought and sold via subscriptions, that we could size and place around our spaces.

I believe this is all possible with open web technologies and the right kind of browser. Each element in our space could be a unique URL and saved via the browser cache. Imagine chatting with a chatbot that shared content with us as objects, this could be the equivalent of search. Maybe we could find these objects in the metaverse via VR or the real world via AR news feeds, bookmark them, take them home with you, share them with your friends. The possibilities for extendability are great.

I personally would love to make art and websites that operated as interactive objects. People need this creativity outside of the confines of a social network like Facebook or Snapchat. Creatives need to sell their work to inspire quality content creation, and brands need to share things that make sense and are not always monumental undertakings like whole VR worlds every time they want to make a site.