Cody Pallo


Why Copyright - USA NFT Copy Protection

May 25, 2022
By Cody Pallo

I have some time available right now and a desire to change tech to positively benefit artists (and our rights.)

I realize it’s a little late in the life cycle of 2D web browsers, considering the industry is migrating to 3D. However, why is it that internet browsers can exhibit work I have legitimate copy protection on, if say I wish to not have this work be on the internet all together?

I realize there are laws that protect social media from responsibility from this and that’s fine, if that’s their MO. In the USA, the Government is in charge of “protections” for creative originators. I can’t imagine they could be doing a more lenient job at this though.

This is unacceptable to me.

Let’s start small… USA 1) Make a database of the work people pay to have protected in this country and prohibit Web Browsers from displaying content linking to them, if the Author requests to do so. 2) Require an official copyright to legitimize NFTs in this country and use the linked document to prohibit display. Otherwise NFTs are worthless to artists and collectors.

On a more advanced note… USA 1) Create an Application Programming Interface (API) to license images to 3rd party vendors, if the Author desires. 2) Implement said database in all core Operating System frameworks. 3) Allow said 3rd parties (such as social networks) to create their own API for dispersing royalties and collecting fees from users.

The reality is, this would make a profound impact on the internet. Something tells me the likes of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, etc could implement this without too much concern. Even if it's not perfect, this solution would pay Authors more than they could ever imagine.

There are people this may reach who believe in such a strategy and can lead me toward petition avenues or alternatively can set me straight.

I’m determined to do something. Let’s do this!!!!