Cody Pallo


Virtual Insanity - All Digital Media is Make Believe

May 23, 2022
By Cody Pallo

This is an opinion and I’m open to discuss it if you don’t agree.

I feel digital media is about as quality as microwaves, artificial flavor, and polyester. It has value but don't mistake it for the real thing.

If you're going to buy digital, get tools and physically reproducible media for creating real world designs, not so much "fine art". I'm an electronic musician and it takes skill, yet performing has to exhibit those skills and digital media will never be capable of doing that.

ALL digital media should be seen as phony and fake. I don't even feel we should be able to copyright this stuff. Nothing can replace the wow of seeing real world things. I don't feel that's debatable. No one alive today will ever live in a virtual world robust enough to replace the designs mysteriously provided to us in the real world we live in.

Your imagination has no concept of anything that isn't rooted in this real reality. Let your mind go nuts in the Metaverse, just don't think you're going to make any money in the future unless you bring it down to earth.