Cody Pallo


Toggle Button - Emoji Mood Status

March 16, 2019
By Cody Pallo

Toggle Button is a 3” round pinback button with a full color digital display. Users pair it with an iPhone and use the app to pick an emoji to display on the button. Whenever the users mood changes they can change their emoji simply by typing it in the app. 

Users can put the button anywhere they like, it has a regular pinback pin for fabric and a replaceable magnet back for metal. You plug it in via USB and take it with you anywhere you like once it’s charged.

Friends can share the current emoji they have displayed on their pin online so they can share their moods with each other in real time. It’s a conversation starter or can signal to keep some distance.

It’s like Twitter only with just one graphic, no words. In the future user may choose to share their status above their virtual avatar or physical self with those who have AR/VR access.