Cody Pallo


Dating Doors - How Making Friends in VR Might Work

October 13, 2021
By Cody Pallo

In this Virtual Reality (VR) app, one starts off in an apartment unit that they can decorate however they like. They choose objects from a menu that expresses who they are. Each object they pick from a catalog has a meaning. For example they can choose a clock that is an alarm clock, that means they are a timely person. Maybe a red one means it’s super important to them to be on time, they can choose to replace it with another 3D model if they like, as long as they attach real meanings to things. Even where people place things has meaning. The avatar one chooses as them, also means something by what it is wearing and looks like, they can make everything look however they like as long as it has some sort of meaning, thats the gist, thats the main thing to remember.

Whenever anyone visits, taps on an object virtually, the app tells them what it means symbolically to the other person in a text view. The person who’s apartment it is can add additional comments if they like. Let’s just say all users are in a huge apt building that is occupied by lots of people based on very detailed search filter tag criteria that pair up. Behind each door is another person who is online at that moment. Only these people can see each other’s apartments. Anyone not online isn’t a visible tenant in the building at that time.

Users can still can pair up with each other later that they meet and like. That way they can send a request to meet privately when they are free, unless that person blocks the other person. Users can walk the halls and see a directory of people’s alias names, an avatar photo and an intro paragraph they wrote, no actual real photos or names of the people using the app. This small amount of information will be all on the front door of the apt. like the doorway to a celebrity fitting room. Anyone can choose to decorate the border to their door entranceway however they please.

Users can not see the other people in the hallways and can jump back to their apt at any time to answer their door when someone knocks. The app will tell them who the other person is by showing a view of that users door. Hosts have permission to be teleported to the visitors apt if the visitor chooses to allow it. Each can choose to let the other in to explore their apartment and not be there present when they do or they can talk to them there as they see each other move and look around. When a person opens the door, to their place, the other person can walk in and can see all the meanings and comments the tenant made behind all the things in the apartment with a tap. Anyone can be rejected, or kicked out and blocked at any time.

The idea is that when one enters the room they should get a pretty good idea of the person who resides there and if they might like their character. If they are busy and let the other person in regardless that person can leave a note and permission to enter their own unit if they like. In any scenario, there’s plenty to choose to talk about and boundaries can be enforced explicitly rather easily. If users like each other they can choose to go on a walk in the beautiful selection of parks and locations the app has to offer and share more about each other. This doesn’t have to be just for dating and why limit it to just the users location when there are so many interesting people in the world. Apartments can be as big as the user likes. It’s all very holistic and way less contrived than a 2D app of this nature.