Cody Pallo


Semiotic Weapon - A Symbolism Game for Augmented & Virtual Reality

April 22, 2021
By Cody Pallo

I’d like to share what I feel is a somewhat important educational game, yet to be made (to my knowledge). It is not unlike the card game of war. I feel just about everyone should play this to learn about a new form of instant communication that Augmented and Virtual Reality will enable. The idea is to teach people how to read context in images based on the principals of Semiotics (the study of symbols).

Artificial Intelligence can understand what’s in a picture, say a dog. What if it could understand context to the furthest extent of our symbolic understanding. Say you are presented with Rorschach like ink blot of something similar to a dog. Your job would be to find a picture of a dog that was more rich in symbolism. If you were to elevate this image, you could use a stick figure, for example.

More over, this image could be an abstract painting of a dog with a pipe that you found with a search engine. Say you put a sentence under it stating “this dog is not smoking a pipe” artificial intelligence would then list all the manor which the art work was symbolic. If it needed help, it would prompt you to clarify what it read in text.

The goal is to get a higher score in increments and beat your previous score or play a game of wits against a competitor. This game, if taught in primary school, and also to adults, could further our societies general perception of visual language. Ultimately this will be one form of how we will end up communicating to each other in the future with virtual and augmented reality.