Cody Pallo


Groove Pretender - Super Hero Cartoon Dance Party

April 29, 2021
By Cody Pallo

As an AR/VR (XR) Product Designer, I came up with an idea for an app back in 2018 for a company, who I think went out of business by now. I’m not allowed to divulge who, I was told it was too futuristic. What I can share is my own evolution of this product in 2021.

Every now and then a new dance craze comes along, a musician may create a song specifically for a dance they created or a revival of an old dance might make a comeback. Very seldom are these dances only capable of being performed by super heroes in cartoons. 

In the app “Groove Pretender: Super Hero Cartoon Dance Party” those days are a reality. Imagine dancing like “Plastic Man” or moving your legs as fast as “The Flash.” Imagine dancing “The Bird” but actually being a cartoon Dodo Bird. Be whoever you like, no judgments. Customize your characters however you like and switch thought-out the party.

This game would exist in VR in two views. 1) “God View” looking from overhead at a board game 2) “First Person” where the player is seeing the dance floor as if you're on it. It would not be apparent to the others on the dance floor what mode each are in when one say, twirls a cape 20 feet above the dance floor as Super Elephant.

Unlike the game Fortnight, who first had an in app concert in 2019, there are many ways to customize this game and make it unique for dancing to music. Soon Full Body Motion Capture (MoCap) Tracking will be available to everyone. Either through a camera or a suit. This will allow for capturing the body movements in a very precise manor.

Imagine making and getting tutorials for the dance moves as an in-app purchases or having celebrity DJs spin in rooms that look like famous venues which are actually owned by the venue in question. These rooms could be cloned to hold a maximum capacity of infinity. Venues could sell tickets in their version of a show.

Hosts could create models of pretend worlds where they perform music as cartoons in their own living rooms and sell tickets almost like it’s a live YouTube broadcast. Imagine having an Adidas show where people show off the designer shoes they bought as in-app purchases for one of their characters. Or imagine having effects that streak across the room, which the artist designs.

Hosts could create pre-parties and after parties where they could meet up and chat in a mansion before the show, for example. Possibly they could meet the act in exclusive after parties that only hold, a dozen people and are invite only. Maybe with a few invites being sold as in-app purchases.

No matter what the approach this game would be a lot of fun, I predict games will adopt these features in one way or another more and more in the years to come.