Cody Pallo


ZinePub - The Futility of Paper Media

February 20, 2021
By Cody Pallo

There is a way to make paper media even less useful than it is today. Think if we all had a large journal like device and the pages were all white and a little thick and bendable. Imagine this as a Bluetooth Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses Interface.

Say that interactive 2D and 3D content could be projected on the device pages as holograms seen with AR Glasses. The gadget could tell what pages you're on and one could even bend the pages to see what 2D content is hiding in other sections, like flipping through a book. Once the pages are flat the Holograms could come to life in 3D and contain interactive elements, such as checkout functionality.

This way we could publish a local directory of restaurant menus and one could save their favorite places in a special chapter, for example. Other uses for this gadget include; books, magazines, brand and store catalogs, even record collections, to name just a few. The book could be changed to any of these formats at anytime.

The tactile feeling of flipping pages in a book is a solid method for browsing content and holograms projected onto a flat surface will be a major contributor to the effectiveness of AR. We have to remember that paper is wood and wood is better as a building material, if used at all. Energy will be cheaper, cleaner, and more renewable in the future, we need trees for the environment.