Cody Pallo


KeenBird - Apps That Are Your Friends

April 22, 2021
By Cody Pallo

With the concept of the virtual assistants In extended reality our relationship with our software may take on new meaning. I believe It’s short sighted to speak of having just one virtual assistant for all uses. It would be more interesting to have the choice to have every app be a character or pet in your life, even your clock and calculator. 

You should form relationships with your devices, they should not be completely subservient to you, rather they should help you be a better person in the most authentic way possible. If you damage your relationship with your clock, you should have to work around it’s mood and personality and how you effected it, proportional to the severity of the offense to it’s role in your life, not in a fake cartoon way. 

All your apps should be like a fragmented team of psychologists, all working together in your best interest and for your benefit. With this you will need to come to terms with parallels in your life that don’t match up and that may imbalance your mood. 

Having one virtual assistant is like having an authority figure or an only friend that you may not always listen to. Devices also have a job in your day to day, you’ll believe that you need to not sleep in so much from your clock but maybe not from your calculator... although your calculator may reinforce this train of thought later in the day if it effects your relationship with it.

A photos or music app for example may reminisce with you or edge you on to take a photo or listen to a song at the right moment or even take photos or play a song for you based on the group of apps understanding of you at that moment. 

Maybe you can pick a body and personality for every device to make it more complex and interesting. This opens the door for a new type of piggyback application or feature, a personality skin. This presents an interesting challenge to designers and developers. It no longer cuts it to just make a useful static application, now you have to have multiple personalities to chose from.

Bring a new app to your OS and maybe the other apps don’t like the addition. Maybe the app isn’t helpful to you and more of a distraction. Do you listen to the other apps or do you make a case for it? It should be your job to maintain peace and harmony in your life. You also don’t want to feel nagged, this is why the assistants need to be ultra sensitive to you and your needs.