Cody Pallo


Mirror Mirror - Travel Space & Pan Through Time Simultaneously

October 3, 2018
By Cody Pallo

Let me ask you this… what if we all wore ultra thin VR Visors with small 360 degrees, volumetric cameras around the perimeter of our heads. The kind that captures 3D space and time (volumetric video.) Imagine people walking around and recording all their surroundings where ever they go. Imagine people documenting their entire daily lives this way. Now imagine people doing this and then pooling their data with everyone else using something I call the “Mirror Network.” Its a AI enhanced mesh of time and space. This is like the internet only think of the immense power here.

With space, you could literally use your hands to manipulate the scale of the world around you in real time. You could shrink the world like you would a 3D model in a modeling program and see it as Google Earth in VR where you can fly around in space. In this mode, there would be the core model of the earth, and every nook and crevice of every apartment building and every home inside and out would be visible for all that use the network. Overlaid on this would be a mesh of data collected from everyone that wears visors. These people will be like timekeepers. So its like google street view. Some people drive around with trucks and record the streets. They try and keep the data fresh but its a lot of work. With this network, the data would always be new and user-generated.

With time, imagine you could scrub through it like a video slider to see it in reverse or forward. So if time were not recorded by a human or a street camera, it would be a little choppy to pan through, but you may not care very much because the world could be stitched together with AI using the collected data and people could be stitched together with their realistic avatar data. With the new iPhones, for example, it scans my face so often that eventually AI will allow someone to pan my face and see how I aged over time. So imagine a clock is in sync with all video recorded to the “Mirror Network.” You would be able to pan time.

So what if you could turn on a person mode? Say you are walking the streets 10 years in the future but you traveled into a “deep” time pan 5 years past and you run into a person you crossed on the road back then. You could someday potentially choose to call that person in the present day in VR. If they are a stranger, maybe they leave their contact available to the network. If these visors were on a person and they had lifelike emotive human avatars, you could call that person from 5 years ago, and they could literally stand beside you and experience that moment with you during your call. This gives people an incredible amount of things to talk about, doesn’t it?

So now we come to this idea of a “mirror person” that hides like a raccoon. With this concept, people may form tribes and sneak around away from people that are not like them. If we all had the information to know where everyone is in time and space at any time and people can travel time and space, what’s to stop some of them from hiding around any corner unknown to that person like a ninja hacker? It’s a little paranoid. However, people would likely sync their lives for last exposure to people that are most like them.

So it’s worth thinking about… is a mirror network a good idea or a bad idea? The real question is… Is it such a powerful tool that it will just need to exist, just like the internet does today?