Cody Pallo


New News - Twitch + Jaunt’s XR Streaming Platform?

September 5, 2018
By Cody Pallo

What if Twitch (+ Oculus “Venues”) + Jaunt’s “XR Platform” came together?

First, what is Twitch?

“Twitch is a live streaming video platform. The site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to creating content, “in real life” streams, and more recently, music broadcasts. Content on the site can be viewed either, live or via video on demand. “- Wikipedia

Also, what is Oculus “Venues”?

“Oculus Venues puts you in the front row for concerts, sporting events, comedy shows and more. Choose from an ongoing calendar of live, immersive events in VR where there’s always something new to see. Join thousands of others to share the experience and meet other fans, or watch in solo mode from a box seat high above the crowd. Oculus Venues lets you feel like you’re really there for the best events in VR.” — Oculus

Next, what is Jaunt’s “XR Platform”?

Jaunt’s “XR Platform,” still in R&D, uses what they call “a simple capture stage with a streamlined setup.” The company’s proprietary streaming tech can send volumetric video captures to AR and VR devices.

Also, what is “Volumetric Capture”

“Volumetric video is a video technique that captures a three-dimensional space, such as a location or performance.” — Wikipedia

Directly from Jaunt:

“At Jaunt, we’re always thinking about expanding the boundaries of storytelling by exploring the full immersive content spectrum; from virtual reality to augmented & mixed reality, volumetric, and even new formats that our advanced development teams are working on,” said Arthur van Hoff, Jaunt CTO & Founder. “But our primary focus is empowering our partners to harness these evolving technologies, using the Jaunt XR Platform as the foundation for delivering their cutting-edge immersive content. Our ongoing research and development will serve as a cornerstone of the XR Platform’s evolution, and our volumetric capabilities are only the first step in this initiative.” — Jaunt

Finally, what are the possibilities:

Now think of the idea of making a Twitch VR app to browse any kind of live 3D performance organized by time and category.

Use the broadcast side of the app to place a volumetric capture of any performer anywhere in any kind of 3D environment. Audience members can use the viewer app to watch live broadcasts at a scheduled time. Now add to that the fact that viewers have full 6 degrees of freedom. It would almost be like they’re there with the ability to move around the room and watch from any angle.

Twitch is social and could adapt to work much like how Oculus’s VR app “Venues” works. “Venues” allows multiple people to enjoy the same show in the same space together and even talk to each other after the performance. The difference between “Venues” and this version of Twitch could be the use of 3D sound. This way users could talk with individuals or groups by teleporting or by some other means moving around the room before and after the performance. This would allow users to be in the same environment without the presence of voices from across the room.

Think of all the incredible podcasts that could be turned into VR broadcasts. Think of what Twitch and Oculus already offer, there could also be talk shows, lectures, business presentations, and performance art just to name a few. Just like the Twitch interface you could always be somewhere attending a live event from the comfort of somewhere else, at any time.

In my opinion, get the price for volumetric capture in the right range for consumers and something like this could take off as one of VR’s most compelling platforms. Based on Jaunt’s comments, its pretty evident that this would be a potential avenue that anyone might take just based on the approach to the technologies form factor alone.