Cody Pallo


Angelfish - Robotic Hosts for Holographic Guests

August 9, 2018
By Cody Pallo

I am using this idea as an example of how most of the good emerging technology applications may not be possible for years to come. This is called “Angelfish” it is based on the concepts of facilitator, host, and guest.

Imagine tiny all-terrain flying robots the size of beetles that can be plugged in, charged, and taken out when there are visitors. These robots contain miniature realtime 360 photogrammetry cameras, microphone, speakers, drone propellors to fly with and legs to walk on land, on the surface of the water and swim underwater with. When used by your guests these little machines act as hosts. Put on Augmented Reality glasses like the Hololens or the Magic Leap Creator, and they turn into holographic moving full body avatars of the people you invited to visit you.

To accomplish this, guests wear full body Virtual Reality motion capture suits with facial recognition built into the Virtual Reality headset. The robot scans the whole room produces a 3D model and then enhances it with each pass. That is then broadcast to the guest’s Virtual Reality headset. Guests can use the hand controls in Virtual Reality to fly the robot around the physical environment where they have been set free to explore. They can also use the mic and headphones in their headset to speak to people in the physical environment.

What’s truly great about this is that everyone in either Virtual Reality or through Augmented Reality can see each other at the same time. There can be many people visiting at once and when out everyone can see all the other guests out in public as well. This technology would be high at special events or just hanging out with a friend on a casual day. Avatars are fluid, a guest could look like Tinkerbell one moment while flying around or the next moment be a mermaid while swimming in a fish tank. They could even be performers that everyone comes to see.

These ideas are really not that far off. Someone could begin building them now and maybe even have a prototype in a couple of years. It sounds like an exciting prospect to me. Go ahead and do it if you have the resources. If you need any help, just let me know.