Cody Pallo


Phantom Actor - An AI-assisted 3D Modeling, 2D Photo Simulation Tool

August 7, 2018
By Cody Pallo

“Phantom Actor” is a VR concept that I would like to share with those interested. It’s not a new idea really if you follow AI creative application development today, these concepts should seem pretty rudimentary. This idea is kind of a strange consumer product though and has some interesting social ramifications.

As the title states, “Phantom Actor” is an AI-assisted 3D modeling, 2D photo simulation tool. It composes believable photo-realistic 2D photos using 3D scenes, objects, and characters created in any 3D modeling program such as Blender or Maya. By using 2D image data pulled from the web this application transforms 3D modeled scenes into entirely realistic 2D imposter photos.

For example, a photo taken in VR of a task chair model would look just like a real task chair when the filter is run. One could even make a model of a human being, pose that model in the chair and then superimpose a person on it with their available facial and body information. Programs can already accurately make 3D models of faces from standard 2D images of people on the web. It is conceivable that anyone with the right tools could scrape accurate facial data with an image search and make that data publicly available.

With this tool, one could create realistic images of anything happening with anybody doing it. It would really challenge the long-held assumption that proof via digital media equals any kind of fact what-so-ever. Digital media should never be an acceptable means of determining the truth. We should recognize that all media sometimes even physical media can be forged with a web of false information. Never underestimate the power of art and science. Together they can create illusions that challenge our very assumption of reality.