Cody Pallo


Trouble Bubbles - Geolocated Democracy

March 16, 2018
By Cody Pallo

Bubbles is a geolocated demographic polling application for phone-based XR.


Users create questions with predetermined answers and drop them anywhere they like, as small bubbles. For example, on an overhead sandwich board next to the vegan option or the entrance to the white house.

When another user points their phone at that bubble, the number of answers appears as a tooltip. If the user taps the screen, the balloon expands to fill their phone screen so they can read the question and opinions in detail. If the user has never answered the problem, they can do so, or they can choose to change their answer if they have.


Each users answer has a visible lifespan of one week unless they manually refresh their response at that location or remotely via a map. So that means each answer is dropped from the bubbles visualization after a week and the bubble gets smaller unless lots of people keep adding to it over time.

All this information is then indexed with infographics via a search page on the 2D web. So users can dig up old geolocated opinions and see the size on a timeline in graph format. They could search say vegan sandwiches and get the best vegan sandwich in the world by seeing a bubble cloud of popular opinions and answers or be more precise and locate views based on location.

There could, of course, be a trending opinions page with all the worlds biggest questions.

I hope to see great ideas come from this.