Cody Pallo


ArtAcclaim - Blockchain Fine Art Network

March 16, 2018
By Cody Pallo

A social game based on the business of contemporary fine art.


I believe Digital Art (Multimedia) will be an essential extension of one’s self-image in the future. Much like any other possession, such as; clothes, homes, or cars.


For this site, there are four categories of users.
 1. Patrons — Just everyday visitors to the site.
 2. Artists — The people that make the art.
 3. Collectors — The people that purchase or sell art to any other user.
 4. Gallery — The people that exhibit the work of an artist and receive a commission.


The ArtAcclaim site operates as the marketplace.
 1. Meditator
 2. Auction House
 3. Museum

The Rules:

Only “Artists” can upload their original art. Art is any digital 2D or 3D visuals, sound, or video. “Artists” give art an initial price based on a fictional point system (coins or cryptocurrency.) Any user can buy art from someone else with these coins. Users can buy 100 coins for one dollar on the site. “Artists” pay 100 coins to upload each art piece they explicitly own the rights to. Coins are only worth 1/100th the value if redeemed for cash on the site.

Artists can sell their own art themselves in their own XR “Gallery,” exhibit it in someone else’s XR “Gallery” (seller takes half of the sale), or auction it depending on if the “Artist” has enough “Acclaim.” Acclaim is essentially notoriety, it is how many “likes” an art piece or gallery gets. Notoriety is the only way an artists’ work will ever gain value. Auctions are hosted by the site, and the site takes a commission.

If an artist sells their work, they get more coins. Once an artist sells it to someone else that person can sell it for more, however, the artist doesn’t receive money for any sale of art they do not own. An artist can, of course, buy back their own work. Once they do, they can sell it for more or hide it. Users can hide an artwork they own, but they can never delete it, (unless it violates copyright or terms.) You must hold the art to be able to hide it. If you are the artist that created work but no longer own it, you can not protect it.

Art that receives the most acclaim goes into an XR Museum hosted by ArtAcclaim. Curators for the site put on shows of emerging artists, well-known artists, and works that stick to a theme or topic.


Each artwork is watermarked by the app and can only be uploaded once. Machine learning analyzes the work and compares them to the others on the site so that each work of art is unique and does not violate the terms. It also compares it to famous works of art already in existence.

I hope to see great ideas come from this.