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Style Librarian

Spatial Computing work involves developing immersive experiences that blend virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, often incorporating stylistic elements to enhance immersion and engagement. Design choices in XR encompass not only functional considerations but also aesthetic decisions aimed at creating visually compelling and cohesive virtual environments.



ToolRefinery: Unleash Your Artistic Vision in Virtual Reality!

March 14, 2019

Have you ever dreamt of creating art in Virtual Reality with an abundance of tools and materials akin to a professional studio? Welcome to ToolRefinery, a groundbreaking app designed to revolutionize your artistic experience. Unleash Your Creativity: With ToolRefinery, you have an arsenal of powerful tools at your fingertips. Undo…


Mirror Network: A Revolutionary VR Experience Redefining Space and Time!

October 3, 2018

Imagine a world where ultra-thin VR Visors with cutting-edge 360-degree volumetric cameras capture the richness of 3D space and time—welcome to Mirror Network! With this groundbreaking technology, users can record their surroundings in astonishing detail, documenting their daily lives like never before. But Mirror Network is more than just a…


Angelfish: A Futuristic Vision of Interactive Avatar Technology!

August 9, 2018

Step into the future with Angelfish, a concept that pushes the boundaries of emerging technology and immersive experiences. While some of these ideas may not be immediately feasible, Angelfish represents a thrilling glimpse into the potential of the digital realm. Tiny All-Terrain Flying Robots: Picture a fleet of miniature flying…


Phantom Actor: Redefining Reality with AI-Assisted 3D Modeling and Photo Simulation!

August 7, 2018

Phantom Actor is a cutting-edge VR concept that delves into the world of AI creative application development. While not entirely new in the realm of technology, this idea has the potential to revolutionize consumer products and raise intriguing social implications. As the name suggests, Phantom Actor serves as an AI-assisted…


ArtAcclaim: The Ultimate Social Game for Contemporary Fine Art Enthusiasts

March 16, 2018

ArtAcclaim is an innovative social game that revolutionizes the world of contemporary fine art, embracing the digital age and envisioning a future where digital art becomes an extension of one's self-image, akin to fashion, homes, or cars. With a dynamic marketplace and a captivating ecosystem, ArtAcclaim brings together four categories…


Bubbles: Augmented Reality Polling for Smart Glasses

March 16, 2018

Bubbles is an innovative and interactive augmented reality polling application specially designed for use with smart glasses. With Bubbles, users can create intriguing questions with predetermined answers and place them anywhere in the real world as small AR bubbles. Whether it's hovering above a vegan option at a restaurant or…


Thinkithing: The Revolutionary VR Creative Tool for Efficient Collaboration and Ideation

March 15, 2018

Say goodbye to wasteful, time-consuming miscommunication in meetings and welcome Thinkithing, an innovative VR application that redefines how we collaborate and share valuable insights. Traditional non-assisted ideation methods pale in comparison to the dynamic and efficient experience offered by Thinkithing in the realm of Virtual Reality. Imagine a world where…


TimeWarp Chronicles: Unveiling History in an Immersive Media Browser

November 1, 2017

Introducing TimeWarp Chronicles: Unveiling the World's Historical Library in a Revolutionary Media Browser Problem: Imagine stepping into a library and immersing yourself in the process of discovery, where every visit is filled with delightful encounters of knowledge. Whether you arrive with a purpose or stumble upon it by chance, a…


Eospaces: The Ultimate XR Web Browser for Personal Expression and Social Connection

April 22, 2017

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and personal expression is taken to a whole new level. Eospaces is the revolutionary XR web browser designed to be shared with friends, providing you with a virtual blank canvas where your imagination can run wild. Whether you want to transform…


Supernalis: The Next Frontier of Immersive Computing

March 10, 2017

Welcome to Supernalis, the ground-breaking concept that addresses the challenges faced in non-game immersive computing. Our vision is to create an earth-like operating system that serves as the foundation for a wide range of applications, including complex networked communication, creative endeavors, historical recording, and more. Supernalis, meaning "above all," aims…


Honey Dynamite: Early Immersive Experience Concepts

July 14, 2016

APPS Tap — July 14, 2016 This is a ball used for a game that is a cross between pinball and tennis. Tap it, and it floats toward another user over a virtual divide. As the levels progress, more difficult terrane is added. If it hits a surface (virtual or physical) too…