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Toggle Button: Emoji Mood Status

March 16, 2019

Toggle Button is a 3” round pinback button with a full color digital display. Users pair it with an iPhone and use the app to pick an emoji to display on the button. Whenever the users mood changes they can change their emoji simply by typing it in the app.


Tool Refinery: An XR machine-shop for micro-manufacturing and fabrication

March 14, 2019

Would you consider making art in VR if you had an intense amount of tools and materials at your disposal, similar to what you may have in a professional studio? Let’s call this potential app “ToolRefinery.” This app could undo and redo, cut and paste; you could paint with the…


Mirror Mirror: Travel Space & Pan Through Time Simultaneously

October 3, 2018

Let me ask you this… what if we all wore ultra thin VR Visors with small 360 degrees, volumetric cameras around the perimeter of our heads. The kind that captures 3D space and time (volumetric video.) Imagine people walking around and recording all their surroundings where ever they go. Imagine…


News: Twitch + Jaunt’s XR Streaming Platform?

September 5, 2018

What if Twitch (+ Oculus “Venues”) + Jaunt’s “XR Platform” came together? First, what is Twitch? “Twitch is a live streaming video platform. The site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to creating content, “in real life” streams, and more recently, music…


Angelfish: Robotic Hosts for Holographic Guests

August 9, 2018

I am using this idea as an example of how most of the good emerging technology applications may not be possible for years to come. This is called “Angelfish” it is based on the concepts of facilitator, host, and guest. Imagine tiny all-terrain flying robots the size of beetles that…


Phantom Actor: An AI-assisted 3D Modeling, 2D Photo Simulation Tool

August 7, 2018

“Phantom Actor” is a VR concept that I would like to share with those interested. It’s not a new idea really if you follow AI creative application development today, these concepts should seem pretty rudimentary. This idea is kind of a strange consumer product though and has some interesting social…


ArtAcclaim: Blockchain Fine Art Network

March 16, 2018

A social game based on the business of contemporary fine art. Preface: I believe Digital Art (Multimedia) will be an essential extension of one’s self-image in the future. Much like any other possession, such as; clothes, homes, or cars. Users: For this site, there are four categories of users. 1.


Photon Particle: Geolocated Democracy

March 16, 2018

Photon Particle is a geolocated demographic polling application for phone-based XR. Description Users create questions with predetermined answers and drop them anywhere they like, as small bubbles. For example, on an overhead sandwich board next to the vegan option or the entrance to the white house. When another user points…


Thinkithing: Version Control for Your Thoughts

March 15, 2018

The goal of this product is to eliminate wasteful, time-consuming miscommunication in meetings and highlight useful overlooked side-tangents among collaborators. Traditional non-assisted ideation methods may eventually seem difficult, cumbersome, and inefficient in comparison. Description: Like many people, I sometimes lose track of facets of conversations. Some examples include; philosophical discussions,…


MetaGraffiti: Spatial Historical Media Network

November 1, 2017

MetaGraffiti is a media browser that turns the world into a historical library. Problem What is the experience of a library and how can MetaGraffiti reproduce that experience? Solution Here’s how MetaGraffiti works. MetaGraffiti is one site with one database. Much like Wikipedia, all content is interrelated. Like Yelp it…


Eospaces: Spatial XR Web Browser

April 22, 2017

Eospaces is an XR web browser designed to be shared with friends and used as a form of personal expression. To begin, let’s imagine that we had a virtual blank slate or white cube. One that we could decorate with anything we wanted. We could scan our own room, for…


Supernalis: The Global Operating System

March 10, 2017

There are some challenges with non-game immersive computing. The primary one is fitting services under the umbrella of an operating system. Some services might include; complex networked communication, creative applications and the distribution of creative assets, how history is recorded and experienced for future generations or just in retrospect of…